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The Risen Material Jesus

Since the Resurrection is the most extraordinary event of Jesus’ life, it is striking that Jesus' behavior in the stories of the first Easter is relatively unspectacular. True, he comes and goes in unexplained ways, but there are no miracles, no public appearances even, nothing in the Easter story that suggests spectacular divine power - except, of course, the presence of the risen Jesus himself.  While during his historical earthly ministry Jesus’ life was marked by acts of power, the demonstrations which the risen Christ makes to his disciples seem marked by a desire to show how ordinary he is. Remember from last week the famous encounter with Thomas; Jesus’ dramatic punchline is not “Look Thomas, I don’t have wounds any more” as though his material body now did not matter, but "Put your finger here and see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it in my side.”  Today’s Gospel makes a related point; if Thomas’ problem was disbelief in general, today the disciples’ problem is

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