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Real Presence: Sermon for Corpus Christi 2020

There is a symmetry between this eucharistic feast on a Thursday just after Pentecost, and the one on a Thursday just before Easter. In the first case, we commemorated the unique historical fact of Christ's gift of self, in the first Eucharist and on the Cross; in this second one, we commemorate the universal reality across time and space of Christ's eucharistic gift of self, echoing the expansive theme of Pentecost. Once, the reality of God was committed to a unique place in space and time, in the incarnation; now, we encounter him in the tabernacles and altars of a million places, where he is with us personally and concretely again, by the power of the Spirit.

In this feast we are affirming that Christ's eucharistic presence has a quality of unconditional and material gift, like the life commemorated in the first, but also that we encounter him in these signs of bread and wine, not only as a memory of that one presence, or even just during the experience of corporate wo…

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