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How to Spend It: Sexagesima

You may by now have taken part in annual rituals signaling a change of season, such as complaining how early the hot cross buns appeared in Sainsbury's, and you will have seen signs of change in nature, “lilies of the field” appearing hopefully, crocuses and now daffodils - but even if not, the pew leaflet today is clear enough, it’s almost Lent. These are among the reminders that you don’t want to wake up with a pancake hangover on Ash Wednesday wondering what to do - what to give up, to add on, or as it may be.

The Gospel today offers a sort of paradoxical challenge - don't worry, Jesus says, about what you will eat or drink or wear - but our problem is that anxiety about these things is our normality, too deeply embedded to require self-consciousness, too normal to feel always like anxiety. We actually do need to stop and, if not worry, then at least think about what we eat and wear in order to glimpse that freedom that is part of striving for the reign of God.

Jesus says …

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