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Jesus on the Lexington Avenue Local

From the Community Soup Kitchen at Christ Church Over the Easter season we have been making again the unlikely claim that Jesus is back; that the crucified poor man of Galilee has overcome death, has appeared to his friends, and is with us always (cf. Matt 28: 20). Even with that claim though has come the acknowledgment that most of us who place our faith in that fact will not have seen him; like Thomas, we are blessed for believing without seeing. And as we get closer to Ascension and Pentecost this issue of absence becomes more acute. Where is this risen Jesus now? In the Gospel today Jesus refers to this absence and to the fact that although he is gone in one sense, the "Advocate," the Holy Spirit, will ensure his presence. If you were asked about knowing or finding Jesus or the Holy Spirit, what you think of first may be some sort of extraordinary and unmistakeable experience, like one of the great saints, but nervous if your barista told you she had seen him earlier toda

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